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Music House at Colibri Montessori!

Pre-Twinkle Violin is a great way to introduce your pre-schooler to a musical instrument! Pre-Twinkle Violin will not only prepare your little one for violin, but will prepare them to learn any musical instrument. In this Suzuki based class, students will focus on rhythm development, ear training, learning the respect and care of a fragile instrument, and violin postures through fun and games!

We use the Suzuki approach to teaching violin. The Suzuki method was developed based on Shinichi Suzuki's realization that children all over the world learn to speak their native language with the aid of parent encouragement, constant repetition, and love. He applied the basic principles of language acquisition to learning music and called his method the "mother-tongue approach." We have adapted the Suzuki principles of parent involvement, listening, repetition, encouragement, and delayed note-reading into our pre-twinkle violin program.

The first song in Suzuki Violin Book 1 is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Through games, song, and repetition, Pre-Twinkle violin prepares young violinists to learn this popular song. Students start on a box violin and graduate to a real violin after they have learned to sing, bow to, and recognize the 5 Twinkle rhythms and have demonstrated respect for their box violin.

The class is held on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:00. After the group class, each student has a 15 minute private lesson. The class is $125/month. Register Below!